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How to Spot (& Remove) Fake Google Reviews


If you’re a small business owner, spotting fake Google reviews can be tricky for customers but easier for you. If someone you’ve never met gives your business a review, and their profile only has one review (which is for your business), it’s likely fake. The good news is, you can remove these fake reviews from your Google My Business listing. Just follow these steps to report and get rid of them:

Spotting Fake Reviews:

  • Look out for reviews from people you don’t know.
  • Check if the reviewer’s profile only has one review, especially if it’s for your business.

Reporting Fake Reviews to Google:

  • Flag the fake review by clicking on the three dots next to the review.
  • Choose “Flag as inappropriate” and follow the instructions.

Getting Them Removed:

  • Google will review the reported fake review.
  • If it violates Google’s policies, they will remove it.
  • In simple terms, if you see a strange review from someone you don’t recognize, report it to Google by clicking the three dots and selecting “Flag as inappropriate.” Google will take it from there and remove the fake review if it breaks their rules.

The Role of Reviews in SEO

Search engines like Google use fancy math to decide if a business is good or not. One big thing they look at is what customers say in reviews. If a lot of people say nice things about a business, it can show up higher in search results. This means more people might see it.

But it’s not just about having a ton of reviews. The reviews also need to be real and say good things. Real reviews help customers trust a business, and they tell search engines that the business is worth noticing. It’s not just about any reviews; it’s about the good and honest ones.

In today’s world, where trust is super important, good reviews are like gold. They’re like happy customers saying, “This place is great!” These positive reviews make other people feel good about choosing that business. When customers feel a connection and trust a business, they’re more likely to become regular customers.

Why Businesses Resort to Buying Fake Reviews

Some businesses try to cheat by buying fake reviews online to look better. They think it will make them seem popular, but it’s not a good idea. This sneaky strategy might make them look good for a little while, but it can cause big problems in the long run.

Being real and honest online is super important. If a business gets caught faking reviews, it can hurt their reputation a lot. People like things that are genuine, and fake reviews can make a business seem untrustworthy.

Buying fake reviews is risky. It can get a business in trouble for breaking the rules of the websites they’re on. There could even be legal problems. So, even though it might seem like a quick way to get attention, it’s not worth the trouble. It’s better to be honest and build a good reputation the right way.

Consequences of Fake Google Reviews

Google is a big deal online, and they really don’t like fake reviews. If a business gets caught doing that, there can be serious consequences. It could mean their business profile on Google might get suspended, which is like a big red flag to customers.

Having a suspended profile not only means the business disappears from Google searches, but it also makes people wonder if the business is trustworthy. This can lead to customers losing faith in the business, and that’s not good.

The worst part of fake reviews is that it makes customers stop trusting the business. In a world where people are careful about where they spend their money, finding out a business is being tricky can make customers not want to come back. Rebuilding that trust takes a lot of time and work.

Is Buying Fake Google Reviews Illegal?

If a business tries to cheat by buying fake reviews, it can get into legal trouble. This means they might have to pay fines and end up with a bad reputation in the eyes of the law.

Big players like Google really don’t like it when businesses do this. They want their review system to be honest, so they actively work to catch and punish businesses that try to trick people with fake reviews.

Getting caught buying fake reviews can lead to big problems, like having to pay money or even facing legal action. It’s like playing a risky game that usually doesn’t end well. This shows why it’s better for businesses to stick to honest and legal ways of managing their online reputation.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

Finding fake reviews needs a careful look. If there are suddenly a lot of reviews or they sound too similar, someone might be trying to trick you. Also, if the timing or what people are saying doesn’t make sense, it’s a sign something might be off.

Real reviews usually have different opinions and ways of talking. Fake ones might sound too perfect or not quite right. Looking at how people express themselves can help figure out if the reviews are genuine.

It’s smart to check reviews on different websites. If the reviews are real, they should be similar no matter where you look. But if some reviews seem weird or different from the rest, they might be fake.

Removing False Google Reviews

If a business is dealing with fake reviews, it’s important to tell Google about it. Google cares about keeping their review system honest, so they look into reports seriously.

If the fake reviews are causing big problems, it might be a good idea to talk to a legal expert. They can help figure out what to do and if there’s a way to take legal action against the people behind the fake reviews.

When responding to fake reviews, it’s smart to be professional. Being honest, showing a commitment to making customers happy, and dealing with concerns publicly can help lessen the harm to the business’s reputation.

Why Do Fake Negative Reviews Get Through?

With so many online reviews, it’s hard to check all of them for fakes. It gets even trickier as more reviews pile up, making it tough to catch every fake one.

To fight fake reviews, businesses and the platforms where reviews are posted need to work together. They have to keep finding and fixing ways that fake reviews slip through. It’s like an ongoing job to make sure the system is working well.

People who write fake reviews are clever. As businesses and platforms get better at stopping them, the fakers come up with new tricks. It’s a constant challenge to stay ahead in the fight against fake reviews.

What to Do Instead of Buying Fake Google Reviews

The best way to deal with the temptation of fake reviews is to ask happy customers for their real opinions. When customers are happy, they usually like sharing their good experiences, and this helps create a true and positive online story.

It’s a good idea for businesses to actively ask satisfied customers for their thoughts. Most customers are happy to give feedback when they’re asked, and what they say carries more weight for other potential customers.

Instead of doing sneaky things, businesses can do campaigns or offer rewards to encourage customers to share their honest reviews. This way, the reviews are real, and it avoids the problems that come with fake ones.


In the big picture of being online, it’s most important to be real. Reviews from real people, even if they’re not all good, tell the true story of a business. It might be tempting to use fake reviews, but for a business to do well over time, it’s better to focus on being trustworthy, open, and doing things the right way.


1. Does Google Detect Fake Reviews?

Google uses really smart computer programs to find fake reviews, but it’s not perfect. Some fake reviews can still get past the system and show up online.

2. Can You Pay for 5-Star Google Reviews?

Paying for top-notch (5-star) reviews on Google is not okay and goes against Google’s rules. It’s important to be real and honest to keep credibility. Businesses should concentrate on getting genuine feedback from customers instead.

3. What Happens if My Google Business Profile is Suspended?

If your Google Business Profile gets suspended, it can mean big problems like less people finding your business online, customers not trusting you as much, and losing money. It’s really important for businesses to follow the rules of the platform to avoid these issues.

4. How Can I Spot Fake Reviews on My Business Profile?

To catch fake reviews, businesses need to be watchful. They should check for patterns, things that don’t make sense, and weird language in reviews. Also, checking the same reviews on different websites can confirm if they’re real or not.

5. Is It Possible to Remove a Fake Google Review?

If a business wants to remove fake reviews, they need to be careful. Google looks closely at these requests, and if they’re not used properly, there could be penalties. It’s a good idea for businesses to get advice from professionals in these situations.

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