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GMB insights: how businesses can use this data to improve their online presence

Even contemporary Businesses have a great resource in GMB insights. These new insights offer a wealth of data that can help them improve their website. It helps a business understand its customers and anticipate trends better based on these observations to improve the site’s performance.

Through GMB insights, a business can monitor data, like how customers discover their company or find their location, and what they do next. This data can be applied for the personalization of marketing campaigns, increasing the customer engagement, visibility, and reputation management. With the use of GMB insights, business owners will be able to identify gaps in the market and competently use them to boost their online presence.

How will customers search for my business on Google?

Google My Business Insights is a free tool that gives you key information on how customers are engaging with your business listing on Google. Such insights include information on the total number of viewers your listing received, as well as the source through which they discovered it (for instance, if the viewer clicked on a Google search result), from what search engine (through a Google search or map), and what actions they took (e.g.), which may include stopping by your website or asking you for directions. Using these insights, you can recognize what your audience likes and dislikes and take actions that will help you optimize your social media presence.

In its simplest form, GMB Insights are a performance overview of your business on Google. They assist in showing how the customers interact with the listing and what steps they are taking. Staying informed about these trends will help you optimize your business’s online presence to reach more customers and increase its visibility in Google results.

What is the need to see or take into account Google My Business Insights?

Google my Business Insights are crucial because they give essential information and metrics regarding customer behavior towards business items on Google. These 4 insights can help businesses have a clear view of their presence on the Internet, for instance, how customers discover the business listing, what they do once they see it, and how they interact with the company. Through these insights, companies can then make business decisions on how to enhance the listing and increase their online presence for maximum customer appeal.

Google My Business Insights helps provide a glimpse of the Performance of Your Business Online through Google. With this knowledge, companies can focus on what they want to achieve for more customers and how to enhance their online presence. It is beneficial for companies that want to increase their competitive advantage and be sure that their Internet audience is properly covered.

Top Things Analyzed in GMB Insights.


Impressions refer to the number of times a business’s listing shows up on Google Search or Maps. It shows the scale at which potential customers view the business while they search for specific keywords or nearby businesses.


Clicks denote the number of times users clicked on the link that led to the business’s listing details. This refers to the extent to which prospects have shown interest in the item being listed and can show how well the business has used the internet to attract its customers.


Actions might encompass different user activities related to the business’s listing: website visits, directions request, phone calls, etc. In action visibility it is possible to understand how customers interact with the business they find after searching for it on the Internet.

Direction requests

Direction requests include the number of times users have asked for directions to get to the business’s location using Google Maps. This metric is particularly beneficial to traditional stores that would like to maximize traffic in their physical stores.

How Businesses Can Use GMB Insights

Optimizing business information

By analyzing GMB Insights, businesses can identify areas where their listing can be improved. This includes ensuring accurate business information such as address, phone number, and business hours to enhance visibility and accessibility.

Identifying peak engagement times

GMB Insights provides data on when customers are most active in engaging with the business’s listing. By identifying peak engagement times, businesses can schedule posts, promotions, and updates to maximize reach and impact.

Customized content and promotions

Understanding which posts and updates resonate most with customers can help businesses tailor their content and promotions accordingly. By analyzing GMB Insights, businesses can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers.

Evaluating marketing efforts

GMB Insights offers valuable data to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Businesses can track changes in impressions, clicks, and actions over time to assess the impact of various marketing strategies and adjust their approach accordingly.

Improving Online Presence with GMB Insights

By leveraging GMB Insights effectively, businesses can significantly improve their online presence in several ways:

Enhancing local SEO

Optimizing GMB listings based on Insights data can improve a business’s visibility in local search results. By ensuring accurate information and engaging content, businesses can boost their rankings and attract more local customers.

Increasing visibility

Understanding customer behavior through GMB Insights allows businesses to tailor their online presence to better meet customer needs and preferences. This can lead to increased visibility and exposure on Google Search and Maps, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.

Understanding customer behavior

GMB Insights provides valuable insights into how customers discover and interact with a business online. By analyzing this data, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience’s behavior and preferences, allowing them to make more informed decisions to better serve their customers.


1. How often should I check my GMB Insights?

It’s recommended to monitor GMB Insights regularly, at least once a week, to track performance trends and make timely adjustments to your online strategy.

2. Can GMB Insights help me understand my target audience better?

Yes, GMB Insights offers valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping businesses gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.

3. Are GMB insights available for all types of businesses?

Yes, GMB Insights are available to all businesses that have claimed and verified their Google My Business listing.

4. How can I improve my GMB listing based on Insights data?

You can optimize your GMB listing by ensuring accurate business information, posting regularly, and analyzing Insights data to identify areas for improvement.

5. Is there a cost associated with accessing GMB Insights?

No, GMB Insights are available to businesses for free as part of the Google My Business platform.

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