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Claim and Verify Your GMB Listing

Making sure your Google My Business listing is correct is like telling Google that your business is real and you own it. NTM can help you with this to make it easy for customers to find you.

  • This sets up a strong online presence.
  • It attracts more locals.
  • A must for growing your business online.
  • Your GMB listing shows up in local search results.
  • People locate you quickly on Google Maps.
  • Your business info appears in Google’s Knowledge Panel, which makes you more trustworthy.
  • Experts in making your GMB listing better.
  • Ensuring your GMB listing has vital info like business hours, location, and contact details.
  • Including pictures to make your business more appealing.


Complete Your GMB Profile

NTM is here to assist you every step of the way in completing your Google My Business (GMB) profile. We recognise the need of having a strong web presence to make sure potential customers can find your company locally.

  • Name: Pick a name that tells people what you do.
  • Address: Share where you are so folks can find you.
  • Phone: Give a number for questions and help.
  • Hours: Tell when you’re open, so customers know.
  • Website: Link to your site for more info.
  • Photos: Put up good pictures of your business.
  • Reviews: Ask happy customers to leave feedback to build trust online.


Professional Photoshoot

Getting professional photos taken is easy with NEAR TO ME. We help you find skilled photographers for any occasion, whether it’s personal pictures or business shots. Here’s how we can help:

  • We connect you with talented photographers.
  • We plan the photoshoot with you.
  • We make sure you get top-notch equipment and a great location.
  • We can edit and enhance your photos.
  • Your photos can be used for anything you need.


Professional Business Introduction Video Shoot

We’re here to assist you in achieving a excellent professional business introduction video. We understand the importance of making a strong first impression for your company.

  • We help you make a good video to tell people about your business.
  • We use great cameras and experts to record your video.
  • We write a cool script that talks about how great your company is.
  • We make the video look and sound awesome in the end.
  • You can use this video on your website, in presentations, and on social media.


Manage and Respond to Reviews

Taking care of your online reviews is important. It can be time-consuming and needs to be done thoughtfully. We’re here to help with that!

  • Review Management: We help you keep track of all your reviews from various platforms.
  • Timely Responses: We ensure you respond promptly to both positive and negative feedback.
  • Professional Engagement: Our team assists in crafting appropriate, courteous responses to maintain a positive brand image.
  • Feedback Analysis: We provide insights and recommendations based on the feedback received.


10-15 Products / Services Catalog

Putting together a catalog with 10-15 products or services is a great way for businesses to show what they have to offer to customers. It gives them important info and helps them decide.

  • We help you make a neat catalog for your stuff.
  • We describe everything in detail, like how it works and why it’s good.
  • We can take pretty pictures to show off your stuff.
  • We make the catalog look nice and easy to understand.


Monitor and Analyze Insights

Watching your business numbers and understanding what they mean is super important. We’re here to make it easy for you and help you make smart choices.
Understand Your Website: We figure out how many people visit your website and where they come from.

  • Review Content: We check which pages and articles on your site are the most popular.
  • Track Conversions: We see how effective your website is at turning visitors into customers or subscribers.
  • Watch User Behavior: We pay attention to what people do on your site, like clicking on links or leaving quickly.
  • Keyword Performance: We check how well your content shows up in online searches.


Writing Post

Your website is like your online store, and what you put on it matters a lot. We’re here to help you create content that’s interesting and useful for the people who visit your site. Whether it’s articles, blog posts, or descriptions of your products, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to make your website look good and tell your story in a way that gets people interested. With our help, your website will be a great tool for your business, attracting customers and making a positive impact online.

  • Your website’s content is verify.
  • We create engaging, useful content.
  • It tells your story and attracts customers.
  • Your website becomes a powerful business tool with our help.


QR Code for increasing Reviews

Your website will attract more customers and look good, all thanks to these little QR codes. Your website’s content is important, and we’re here to make sure it tells a great story and brings in more positive reviews.

  • We make QR codes for easy reviews.
  • We help you put the QR code where people can see it.
  • We suggest ways to ask people for good reviews.


Writing Business Description

Efficiently managing and responding to reviews is a critical aspect of maintaining a strong online presence. This process, however, can be complex and time-consuming. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Review Monitoring: We help you keep track of all the reviews your business receives across different platforms.
  • Timely Responses: We ensure you respond promptly to both positive and negative feedback, maintaining a positive online image.
  • Professional Engagement: Our team assists in crafting courteous, professional responses to enhance your brand’s reputation.
  • Feedback Analysis: We provide insights and recommendations based on the feedback you receive, helping you continuously improve your business.


Encourage User Generated Content

Getting your customers to talk about your business online can be really helpful. Here’s what we do at NEAR TO ME (NTM) to make it happen:

  • Creative Ideas: We help you think of fun and interesting ways to get your customers to talk about your business.
  • Promoting and Incentives: We show you how to encourage customers to share stuff like reviews, pictures, or videos. It makes your business look better online.
  • Easy Tools: We give you simple tools to collect and manage all the stuff your customers share.
  • Boosting Your Reputation: When we display what your customers say and share, it makes your business seem more trustworthy and appealing to new customers.


Monitor Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competition is a smart move to stay ahead in the business world. Let NEAR TO ME (NTM) be your guide to help you gain an advantage. Here’s how NTM can assist:

  • See what your rivals do well and not so well.
  • Learn about trends and what your competitors are up to.
  • Use this info for better strategies.
  • Stay updated on your rivals for improvement.


Regularly Update Information

Keeping your info fresh is super important in today’s business world. NEAR TO ME (NTM) is here to help you with that, making sure people notice your business.

  • Timely Updates: We keep your details like hours and contact info current.
  • Same Info Everywhere: We make sure your info is right on every online place, so people trust you more.
  • Easy to Find: Updated info helps new customers find you quickly, both online and in person.
  • Simple Management: We have tools to make keeping info updated easy, saving you time and making sure it’s correct.


Micro Website Creation

Creating a mini website is a great way to show off your business online, and NEAR TO ME (NTM) is here to make it easy for you. We’ll design and build a small website that looks professional and is easy to use.

We’ll also help you write stuff that makes your business look great, and we’ll make sure people can find it on the internet. Your customers will have a smooth time using it too.

  • Create a pro mini website.
  • Write great content.
  • Increase visibility on search engines.
  • Ensure a user-friendly experience.


IVR Number Facility

Getting an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number is a big deal for your business. We’ll set up your IVR just how you want it, making sure it fits your business. We’ll also make sure it works smoothly with your current phone stuff.

We’ll even create nice greetings and menus for your callers. With an IVR number, your business looks pro and organized, which is great for your customers. It leaves a good impression!

  • We make your IVR system.
  • It fits right into your communication setup.
  • We create special hellos.
  • It makes your business look pro and organized.


Citation Building

To make your business easy to find online, you need something called citation building. We’ll make sure your business info is correct and the same on different websites. When people search for you, they’ll find you easily, and that’s great for your business.

  • We fix mistakes in your business mentions.
  • We make sure people can find you online.
  • We keep your details the same everywhere.
  • When your info is right, more people discover your business.


Website SEO On Page & Offpage

Improving your website’s online visibility is crucial for getting more people to visit it. NEAR TO ME (NTM) is your trusted partner for making this happen.

We make your website more noticeable to search engines, so it stands out online. We’re here to make things easy for you.

  • Improve website content, structure, and meta tags.
  • Guide on backlinks, social media engagement, and authority strategies.
  • Identify effective search terms.
  • Keep track of website performance

About Our Agency

Our Products

Smart NTM Discover

Smart NTM Discover offers GMB listing verification, profile completion, professional media creation, review management, catalog, insights analysis, content writing, website creation, and competitor monitoring.

Smart NTM Express

Smart NTM Express offers GMB verification, media creation, review management, catalog, insights analysis, content writing, website services, citation building, and more.

Smart NTM Connect

Smart NTM Connect offers GMB services, media creation, review management, catalog, insights, content, website solutions, SEO, and social media posts.



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