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About Our Goals

Our Goals


Increase Online Visibility

To get noticed more on Google, make your Google My Business listing great. Add detailed information, high-quality photos, and encourage customer reviews. Regular updates and engagement with customers will enhance your visibility and attract more people to your business.


Boost Phone Calls

To get more calls from Google, make sure your phone number is correct and easy to find. Ask people to call for questions or appointments. Be quick to answer and helpful to build trust.


Generate Directions and Navigation

To provide easy directions and navigation on Google My Business, ensure your address is accurate. Include a map and landmarks for clarity. This helps customers find your location effortlessly, making their experience more convenient.


Increase Customer Engagement

To get people involved on Google My Business, answer messages and reviews quickly. Share what's new with your business, like special offers. Ask customers for their thoughts and questions to keep the conversation going.


Improve Customer Experience

Make customers happier on Google My Business by giving them clear info, nice pictures, and friendly replies. Keep your page updated with special deals to make their experience even better.


Drive In-Store Visits

Get more people to visit your store with Google My Business. Show your address, when you're open, and what you sell. Share good deals and talk to customers to bring them in.


Promote Special Offers or Events

Advertise your sales or events on Google My Business. Share info and cool pics. Get people excited to visit your business with special deals, sales, or upcoming fun stuff.


Increase Sales and Revenue

To grow your sales and earnings using Google My Business, optimize your profile with appealing photos, clear information, and positive reviews. Engage with customers actively and offer exclusive promotions and deals.


Local SEO Improvement

To make your business easier to find on Google, update your info with the right details and keywords. Add good pictures, ask for reviews, and answer questions quickly. This boosts your search ranking.


Build Brand Trust and Credibility

To make people trust your brand on Google, keep your info accurate, be friendly with reviews and messages, and show off what happy customers say. Being consistent and reliable will make people trust you more.


Drive Website Traffic

Get more people to visit your website through Google My Business. Share your website link, post updates, and chat with customers. Offer special deals and useful stuff to make them click and check out your site.

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Core Values

Our Core Values And Principles

We’re not your typical digital marketing company at Near To Me (NTM) in Pune. Consider us your internet success partner. Our goal is simple: to make your company stand out online and establish a memorable connection with your customers. We excel at assisting small businesses like yours to expand, and we create unique programmes to achieve your objectives.

With Near To Me (NTM), you’ll experience increased brand recognition and meaningful consumer interactions, all of which will contribute to your success. Come into our digital world where your business ambitions can become a reality and see how much more successful your attempt will be. Join forces with Near To Me (NTM) to experience the wonder of effective digital marketing.

Our primary goal is to support Pune businesses as they succeed online. We want customers to be able to easily find and enjoy their brands online. We are experts at assisting small local businesses, and we develop unique plans to assist them in achieving their objectives. In addition to helping our clients become well-known, it’s part of our responsibility to facilitate positive consumer interactions. They will succeed as a result of this. For companies that wish to succeed online, we aim to be like close friends. We help them achieve their goals of online success by putting our expertise in digital marketing to work.
A company in Pune specialises in assisting businesses to succeed online. They understand the internet and can make websites appear when you search for them, make businesses famous on social media, and design creative websites. They talk to each company, figure out what they want, then devise a strategy to make it happen. They’re fantastic since they’re always up to date on the latest internet trends and use them to benefit businesses. So, if you wish to flourish online, this Pune-based organisation is the finest option. They’re quite skilled at it.

Highest Success Rates

Increase your chances of success by making smart choices and working effectively toward your goals.

Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork means working well together to achieve goals, communicate, and support one another.


We help businesses expand and become more successful through our services, strategies, and support.




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Working Hours

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Saturday & Sunday - Closed

About Our Agency

Our Products

Smart NTM Discover

Smart NTM Discover offers GMB listing verification, profile completion, professional media creation, review management, catalog, insights analysis, content writing, website creation, and competitor monitoring.

Smart NTM Express

Smart NTM Express offers GMB verification, media creation, review management, catalog, insights analysis, content writing, website services, citation building, and more.

Smart NTM Connect

Smart NTM Connect offers GMB services, media creation, review management, catalog, insights, content, website solutions, SEO, and social media posts.



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We Provide Exclusive Digital Service

Increase Online Visibility and Traffic

Make your online presence stronger, get more visitors to your website, and reach more people for better success.

Boost Customer Engagement and Interaction

Promote how you connect with customers, encourage them to interact with your business, and build stronger relationships for success.

Drive Foot Traffic and Conversions

Bring more people to your physical location and turn those visits into successful sales and business growth.

Improve Business Impact

Make your business better by connecting with customers, having meaningful interactions, and growing through improved impact and engagement.

What Are Our Customers Saying

Customer Review

Customer reviews share opinions and experiences, helping others make informed decisions about products, services, or businesses.

I have used near to me Google My Business product, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It has greatly benefited my shop by attracting new customers. I highly recommend this company based on my fantastic experience with their products. I've received an outstanding response thanks to their offerings.

Ashish Kulkarni

I'm really impressed with their products, especially the GMB listing and website creation. These have significantly improved my business and brought in more customers. I'm very happy with the results, and I must say, trying out Near To Me products is definitely worth it!

Mangesh More

My bakery shop's Google ratings have improved. They were not good at all before, but with the help of Near To Me, my bakery's Google ratings have improved. I must say, their products are good and they deliver results.

Mubin Ansari

Most importantly, people can now find my services on Google Maps! I strongly recommend Near To Me, for making my website better and promoting it online.

Prachi Desai
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