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GMB Posts Are Effective in Engaging With Their Audience and Driving Conversions

Posting on GMB is key to customer reach and increased sales. The idea of generating engagement via creative content creation will aid in distinguishing various approaches on how to convert followers and expand your enterprise.

One should create a post that is educational, eye-catching, and also related to the target customer base for better results from GMB strategy.

What is Google My Business?

It is a free and easy-to-use tool by Google for businesses to create, verify, modify and publish their information on Google Search and Maps. It assists businesses to manage and edit their business details, communicate with clients via reviews and messages, and get valuable information about how clients are engaging with their business on the app. When thinking in simple terms Google My Business can be explained as a kind of website for business self-presentation and interaction with customers.

The Benefits of Posting on Google My Business

To the benefit of your customers’ perceptions, maintain regular communication through Google My Business. It is effective since customers will find important business updates posted regularly and engaging with the brand increases loyalty. Using GMB posting allows you to:Using GMB posting allows you to:

  • Introduce a point of direct contact between your business and customers.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Use of product promotions to enhance visibility.
  • Improve brand communication and customer experience.

Types of Google My Business Posts

To be able to maintain an excellent Google My Business posting strategy, start by choosing the right post format depending on the data you wish to share with your readers. There are six distinct post types that GMB gives.

1. Company Updates: 

Update the public on your company’s progress and highlight the features that make your business unique. Keeping the customers updated with new goings on in your company also ensures that they get the feel of the company culture and nature of the company that you operate. This increases your visibility on Google My Business and encourages customers to engage with your listing.

  • It could be a word of appreciation for a loyal customer or a good worker.
  • Post a photo or video of a new Product or Service.
  • Post the restocking of popular items among clients.

These posts remain active for 7 days; hence, fresh updates must be posted regularly. Use photos or videos to make your posts more appealing and add an action button to direct the audience to the content they might be interested in learning more about if not specified in the text.

2. Upcoming Events

Next, encourage your customers to add your business to their lists of favourites in Google Maps. Event posts help customers pay attention to and stay up-to-date with your company’s activities. It is also important to select the event time frame, since GMB posts without a selected time frame expire within 24 hours without an activity.

3. Special Offers

Dear customers, Post images and videos relevant to the goods or services in order to raise awareness of what is being promoted or offered. Important! Make sure to include in each one physical/ real shop coupons in conjunction with coupon code. Use Expiring to select a duration and set the expiration date: The post will expire when the promotion period ends.

4. Product Promotions

In Product Promotions, create awareness for new products with subliminal, high-resolution images. Briefly describe and include a price range. These promotion posts will be promoted in the Product section of Your Marketing Reader and stay on your page for seven days.

5. Hours Updates

The post containing the message will also pop up when a customer visits your business profile if you have updated your business hours on your Google My Business page. This will be displayed as an “Update” on the profile of the person making the post. You can also edit these posts later once the update is created, to contain additional information about the modification.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Posts

If you want to get the most out of Google My Business Posting you need to understand how to optimize all of your posts correctly. Strategic posts are able to generate greater engagement, and therefore increase your reach.

1. Utilize High-Quality Visuals

Infuse superior photos and videos to increase customer interaction. Design models increase sales as consumers tend to use the visual model for guidance when buying products. Effective visual aids not only capture the attention of viewers but also can be used to distinguish your business from others.

2. Maintain Consistency and Timeliness

It is essential to be active on any social channel for content to gain momentum. One has to keep in mind that GMB posts only last for seven days, so it is important to have a schedule when it comes to updating information. With users constantly using GMB to keep a check on their businesses throughout the day, information has to be provided in real time.

Maintain a balance by keeping the content relevant and timely. Make customers aware in advance of the events or promotions/sales that are scheduled to be run so that they have enough time to take part.

In order to deliver high-quality service to customers, visibility and activity on the platform is key. Prompting through the phone ensures better service to customers.

3. Optimize Your Call to Action

Create a brief and useful call to action for GMB Posts. Make it relevant to the post content and, at the same time, encourage customers to respond. For instance, if the ad is for a furniture store, and advertises storewide discount codes, a call-to-action like “Get 25% off now” would encourage readers to click through to their website and make a purchase. Link it to the action button that leads to a relevant landing page for a better experience.


1. How many times a week should I post at GMB?

Make it a goal to at least post once a week in order to maintain their interest and be updated about your latest products and services.

2. Do I have the option of scheduling posts in GMB?

But it is possible to schedule posts in advance through the Google My Business portal or other scheduling platforms.

3. Do people see GMB posts without being searched?

GMB posts can only be viewed by those who encounter your business listing in Google Search or Maps. But this does not mean that it will show up for all users as it may be dependent on location and search history.

4. Does the GMB post feature allow me to advertise events?

Yes, since you can use event posts in GMB to advertise certain events or maybe sales or promotions in your GMB listing.

5. But how do I measure the success of my GMB posts?

Google My Business offers information on how customers are responding to your posts by offering views, clicks, and engagement information.

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